April 2017




PhD Student, Sociology (The Graduate Center, City University of New York)

MA, Sociology, 2006 (European University at Saint Petersburg/ Helsinki University)

BA, Social Anthropology, 2005 (Saint Petersburg State University, Russia)



2017             W. R. Hearst Graduate Assistantship at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, CUNY Graduate Center


2015-2014    The Graduate Center Fellowship (GCF), City University of New York


2016             Conference Presentation Support Fund (The Graduate Center, CUNY). ASEEES Congress, Washington D.C.

2012-2013    Andrew Gagarin Fellowship at the Andrew Gagarin Center for Human Rights at Bard/ Smolny, St. Petersburg State University.

2011             International Journal for Urban and Regional Research (IJURR) and Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (FURS) Scholarship for participation in the Second RC21-IJURR-FURS ‘Comparative Urban Studies’ School, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 1-12 July 2011.

2007             TEMPUS-Fellowship, 2007 at the Department for Political and Social Sciences, Genova University, Italy.

2003-2004    German Academic Exchange (DAAD) Scholarship. 10.2003 – 03.2004 at the Bielefeld University, Germany.



Book Chapters

  1. ‘Polittusovka’ – An Alternative Public Space of Young Politicians in Contemporary Russia, in: Eastern European Youth Cultures in a Global Context. Edited by Schwartz, Matthias and Heike Winkel. Ch. 13. Palgrave Macmillan.
  2. (With Omelchenko E. L., Krupets Y.) Citizenship of Russian Youth: The Search for an Effective Methodology, in: “In Search of …” New Methodological Approaches to Youth Research. Cambridge : Cambridge Scholar Publishing: 295-318.
  3. (With Omelchenko E. L.) Risks and Pleasures in the Youth Activist Scenes in Contemporary Russia, in: Hopeless Youth! Tartu: Estonian National Museum. Ch. 1.

Book Chapters in other languages

  1. “I’m not into this”: perception of the “private” and the “public” among Russian youth before the elections. In: Politics of the Apolitical: Civic movements in Russia in 2011—2013. Yerpylyova S. Magun A., eds. 143-181. (In Russian)
  2. “Iron, mica, and people’s lives”: past and present in an industrial city over the Polar Circle. In “Microurbanism. Cities in detail. Zaporozhets O, Brednikova O (eds). Moscow. 256-281. (In Russian)
  3. Polit-Tusovka. Jugend und Gegenöffentlichkeit in St. Petersburg. Osteuropa. 11-12: 183-197. (In German)
  4. Creative activities for selected cider: social exclusion and the creative spaces of Saint Petersburg. In: Creative Industries: challenges, projects, solutions. St. Petersburg, Levsha: 42-55. (In Russian)
  5. Mobilization of the University Community: politicization of the apolitical. Galateya – Galina Starovoitova memorial essay competition. Best essays 2000-2009. St. Petersburg: Norma. 566-574. (In Russian)
  6. The Metamorphoses of Retail Trade Practices in a Russian Megapolis as a Reflection of Post-Socialist Transformations. PS Landscapes: Optics for Urban Studies. N. Milerius, and B. Cope (eds). Vilnius: EHU: 148-69. (In Russian)


  1. “Hanging Out,” Creativity, and the Right to the City: Urban Public Space in Russia before and after the Protest Wave of 2011-12. Stasis 1.
  2. Learning to Use ‘Public Space’: Urban Space in Post-Soviet St. Petersburg. The Open Urban Studies Journal 1 (6), 57-64.
  3. “It’s like a museum here”: the shopping mall as a public space. Laboratorium. № 2: 48–69. English Summary: С. 132-136.
  4. From Barakholka to Shopping Mall: Transformation of Retail Spaces in St. Petersburg. Anthropology of East Europe Review 27(1):51-64.

Articles in other languages

  1. “Creativity in the city: reinterpreting the public space”. Zhurnal Sociologii I Socialnoy Antropologii. Vol. XVIII, № 2(78). 45-59. (In Russian)
  2. “Polittusovka”: an Alternative Public Space of Youth Politics. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniia 3. 109-117. (In Russian)
  3. (With Zinoviev, Aleksei; Kuleva, Margarita) In the block: youth solidarities in the urban periphery. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniia, 10. 69-76. (In Russian)
  4. (With Alla Bolotova.) Industriestädte des russischen Nordens Sozialistischer Stadtraum in der postsozialistischen Epoche. Archithese 40(5):56. (In German)
  5. Social and cultural significance of the consumption spaces in the post-soviet city (example of the shopping-centers in St. Petersburg).Vestnik SPBU. Vol. 1, March. Pp. 330-336. (In Russian)
  6. Malaya Sadovaya Street in St. Petersburg: an experience of public space development. Communitas 1:53-71.

(In Russian)

Working Papers

  1. Public Space in Europe and Russia: ‘Europeanness’ and Re-Interpretation of Urban Public Space. “Working Papers of Centre for German and European Studies”, Centre for German and European Studies.

Book Reviews

  1. Stephanie Taylor, Karen Littleton. Contemporary Identities of Creativity and Creative Work. Farnham: Ashgate, 2012. Antropologicheskiy Forum (23).
  2. Monika Grubbauer and Joanna Kusiak, eds. Chasing Warsaw: Socio-Material Dynamics of Urban Change since 1990. Frankfurt-on-Main: Campus Verlag, 2012. Laboratorium (1): 160-162.
  3. Heinz Bude, Thomas Medicus und Andreas Willisch, Hrsg. UberLeben im Umbruch. Am Beispiel Wittenberge: Ansichten einer fragmentierten Gesellschaft. Hamburg: HIS, Hamburger Edition, 2011. Laboratorium (2): 218–220.



2015-2017    Hunter College, City University of New York, NY, USA, Department of Sociology. Course: Social Movements, 2015-2017

2011-2014    St. Petersburg State University, Russia, Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Bard/ Smolny). Courses: Political Sociology, Social Movements, Qualitative Research Methods

2008-2014 State National Research University – Higher School of Economics in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Department of Sociology. Courses: Urban Sociology, Sociology of Consumption, Cultures of Consumption



Researcher (interviewing, analyzing data, writing reports) in projects:

2016             Research Assistant. Community Needs Assessment, Community Board 6, Brooklyn, New York. Project Leader: Prof. Mary Lutz, City College, CUNY.

2011-2014    MYPLACE: Memory, Youth, Political Legacy, and Civic Engagement. Funded by European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Project Leader: Hilary Pilkington, Warwick University, UK. 2011-2014.

2012-2013    Youth Citizenship. Funded by the Basic Research Programme of the Higher School of Economics (HSE). Project Leader: Elena Omelchenko, HSE, Russia. 2012-2013.

2011-2012    Youth Solidarities in Global and Local Context. Funded by the Basic Research Programme of the Higher School of Economics. Project Leader: Elena Omelchenko, HSE, Russia. 2011-2012.



Panels Organized

2017             Conference of the ISA Research Committee 21 (RC21) “Sociology of Urban and Regional Development”, “Rethinking Urban Global Justice”. Panel “Social Production of Urban Periphery/ High-rise Suburbia” (with Oksana Zaporozhets)

Papers Presented

2016             Association of Slavic, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) 2016 Congress. Washington, D.C. Paper: “Urban activism virtual and real: social media and urban interventions in contemporary Russia”

2015             85th Annual Meeting, Eastern Sociological Society (ESS). February 26-March 1, 2015 New York. Paper: “Mechanisms of Political Apathy: Powerlessness or Indifference”

2013             12th Nordic Youth Research Symposium (NYRIS 12) “Changing Societies and Cultures: Youth in the Digital Age”. 12-14 June 2013. Tallinn, Estonia. Paper: “Place-based solidarities? Local identities of youth and urban public space in St. Petersburg”

2013             Conference “Street Art in the Changing City: Theoretical Perspectives”, Moscow, June 7–8 2013. Paper: “Reinterpreting the Public Space: Creativity in the City”

2012             Conference “Blackbox Youth: New Perspectives on East-European Youth Cultures”, 2-4 November 2012, Free University, Berlin, Germany. Paper: “Young Politics? The Emergence of the Social Network of Young Politicians in St. Petersburg”

2012             International Sociological Association (ISA) 2nd Forum “Social Justice and Democratization”, 1-4 August 2012, Buenos-Aires, Argentina. Paper: “Public Spaces as Spaces of Fear and Alienation”

2011             RC 21 Conference “The struggle to belong. Dealing with diversity in 21st century urban settings”. Session Belonging, exclusion, public and quasi-public space. Amsterdam (The Netherlands), July 7-9 2011. Paper: “”Learning to use the public space”: perception of the urban spaces in the post-soviet context”

Invited talks

2013             “Artists, Art Communities and Creative Initiatives in the Urban Spaces of Russia and Europe.” Seminar of the Young Scholars Council, May 15th 2013. St. Petersburg. “Self-Organizing Urban Initiatives”

2012             “Common places in the study of public places: on the methodology in urban studies.” Presentation at the seminar “Critical social and human sciences”. St. Petersburg State University, 1 April 2012.



Social Movements, Political Sociology, Urban Sociology



International Sociological Association (ISA): Research Committee 21 “Urban and Regional Development” (RC21), Board Member (PhD Representative) 2014-2018

American Sociological Association (ASA): Community and Urban Sociology, Collective Behavior and Social Movements



Colloquium Committee (Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center), 2015/2016



Languages German/ fluent; Russian/ native

Software SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences); Stata; NVivo (Computer based analysis of qualitative data); QGIS



Available upon request

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